Ladies, welcome to! Below we would love to share with you an interesting story behind our brand. Hope you enjoy!

To begin our story, let’s turn the clock back to the time when our young fashion designer Ms. Holly Huo was still in her college as a Fashion Design major.

One time, she took a study trip to Yungang Grottoes. While touring around, her attention was grabbed by a series of stunning Feitian (a Chinese word for flying Apsara) murals which can be dated back as far as Tang Dynasty. To her amazement, all the characters in those murals, pulling through thousands of years of weathering, are still as vivid as if they were the true Apsara themselves. Dressed in splendid attires rich in color with long silk ribbons, the Feitians were all in different postures and styles, except in one thing: each of them is holding the same happy and charming smiles on their faces. Feitians’ infectious freedom spirits and fascinating graces inspired Holly overwhelmingly. Following just this inspiration, she borrowed Feitian’s long and silky ribbons and redesigned them into her graduation project.

Later on, our designer found ways to make it even more perfect and produced the very first INFIWING dress, which she fondles so much that she would wear it for every occasion. She would wear it on her business trip, as it can not only allow her change styles freely, but also can save the trouble of packing up too many clothes. She would wear it on her friend’s weddings and have each bridesmaid wear it as well, which turned out that this dress can magically light up the party atmosphere, as well as bring beauty and confidence to the bridesmaids. Of course, she would also wear it on her beach vacation, merely because of its silky and smooth fabric incomparably suitable for the relaxing and delightful holidays.

INFIWING Infinity Dress is designed with two long and silky straps, which enable you to create the styles you desire to go with different moods and various occasions. Whatever you dream about, you can be your own designer!

INFIWING Infinity Dress is born for those women who would love to open their arms for changes, creativity as well as freedom. Specially, they love life and themselves; they are confident and independent; and they are bestowed with charisma, as well as a genuine passion for creativity and an intense aversion for monotony. Every girl in the world deserves to have a magical Infiwing Dress, as for sure it can help them to be a better bridesmaid, furthermore, a better self.